Dick Hannasch

ICF Certified Coach; Assessment for Individual and Team Development

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My purpose is to help you become "You, better." I am a coach people describe as: a judge who seeks fairness without being judgmental; a truth teller; a coach who is non-threatening and empathetic but doesn't let you off the hook. I am ICF certified with over 20 years of coaching experience.

Areas of expertise
Team Coaching

High-performing teams have a clear vision, goals, roles, procedures, communication channels, and much more that helps them perform. If your team is not performing as well as you'd like or require, I can help. Via coaching, I help teams identify what is working and what is not and find ways to help the team become what I like to call "Team, better." Let's talk about what is going on and how your team can become even better.


Leadership, Personality, and Character

Your personality and character have an impact on how you lead and how others see you lead. There is no "perfect" personality or character for all leadership roles, as each organization and leadership role has its own nuances and differences that need to be considered. If you want to know more about how your personality and character affect how you lead, I can help you. I help leaders become more aware of how their values, how they approach work, and how they approach people make a difference by using assessments to help you gain insight into what is helping you succeed, what may challenge or limit your success, and how to grow. Assessments used will depend on your need and come at an additional cost to the coaching rate.


Leadership Coaching

Many people promoted or hired into leadership roles get little or no training on how to lead people or teams. I coach leaders on how to set expectations, provide effective feedback, engage times, handle difficult conversations, and more. Depending on your need, I can help you find your path, learn necessary skills, and equip you with tools you can use to keep yourself on track as a leader.