Elena Tecchiati

Organizational Psychologist, Coach PCC, Communication Trainer, Mediator

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I am a coach, trainer and facilitator with more than 10 years of experience in multinational companies, business schools, and universities. I speak fluently four languages (German, English, Spanish and Italian) and have lived in different countries working with people from different nationalities and organizations. This intercultural aspect is part of my identity. I have a MSc. in Organizational Psychology, a BSc. in Psychology, a MSc. in Mediation and Conflict management as well as further certifications in the fields of psychology, personal, and professional development. My corporate background includes experiences in HR, recruiting, head hunting, consulting, marketing, sales, public relations, and advertising. In my training, coaching and facilitator assignments, I put focus on the importance of self-leadership, healthy, positive relationships and resilience, enhancing ways of being assertive in terms of reaching professional and personal goals with effectiveness and happiness. Another important focus is supporting and empowering my clients to be great communicators, negotiators and performers, giving their best, focusing on the moment, the flow and managing stress.

Areas of expertise
Business coaching, focus, performance, self-management

Coaching helps keeping happy employees: -Learn to make better decisions -To communicate effectively -To have healthy and balanced relationships -To achieve your goals effectively and lastingly and much more... I will accompany you to be able to develop the key competencies you need, so that you can achieve your goals more easily, and the well-being you are looking for. I will give you tools to be happier and more satisfied. I can accompany you through sessions online or face-to-face.


Executive presence, public speaking, presentations, voice and speech

Optimize your interpersonal communication and learn to use your voice appropriately, how to speak in front of an audience and to deliver an impactful presentation. It is the time to learn to use your voice, to optimize your presentation skills and transmit who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it in a way that really convinces others. I can accompany you through sessions online or face-to-face.


Life coaching, emotional management, stress management and prevention

If it seems like the world can't stop and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you have in front of you, if you need to manage your stress, emotional ups and downs, I am at your side to find out the most effective way to manage your life and find peace again. Through our sessions of coaching you can find the balance. I can accompany you through sessions online or face-to-face.


Negotiation and conflict management, salary negotiation

Learn how to negotiate with ease and self-confidence, learn how to manage emotions in difficult conversations, such as conflicts or negotiations, and learn how to negotiate your salary with objectivity and confidence. I am certified by the Executive Education at School of Law at the Harvard University, I own a Master in Mediation and Conflict Management, and I am certified as Conflict Coach, among other certifications as coach. I can accompany you through sessions online or face-to-face.