Genevieve Souren

Aloha~ I believe in the resiliency and inherent ability that all people have to bring themselves into their own unique sense of balance and fulfillment. Through my years of exploring the depths of my own subconscious processes, along with studying trauma, relationships, dreaming, psychology, addiction, meditation, world religions, coaching, end of life doula work, yoga therapy and ho'opono pono, I have come to recognize and embody peace of mind. As your ally and guide, I offer you assistance with : Grieving, Forgiveness, Re-patterning, Relationships, Spiritual Guidance, Transformation, Emotional Processing, Dreamwork, Addressing Fears, Lifestyle Awareness, Subconscious Exploration Through our personal development, it is essential to identify what we want out of life, what do we love and what do we live for. From that initial question all the way through the attainment of your dreams, I have the willingness and resources to help you rediscover and reawaken what already exists within you, waiting to be actualized. I am deeply honored to share with you what I have learned and assist you in your path through empowerment and self-realization.

Genevieve Souren

Big Island, HI

Rate: $1.25/minute