Girish Jha

Life Coach, Mentor & Applied Mindfulness

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I am a Life Coach, Mentor, Leadership, Meditation/ Mindfulness guide,Public Speaker, and writer at Shreyas USA, currently living in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. My interests range from mental health, applied mindfulness, pain management, self-discovery to self-development. I help, guide and mentor people suffering from mental , relationship and social challenges like anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD and many other issues, offering principles of eastern wisdom, supported by weekly personalized practices to maximize the results

Areas of expertise
self-discovery to end suffering and awakening to inner self

Eastern wisdom is 6000 years old with 3000 masters and texts. Every master follows the same principles but with different expressions because each individual is unique. with more than 42 years of experience, i customize each session and personalize practices that help seekers to discover permanent peace, happiness, love and wisdom.