Javier Cordova

Life Coach

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Mexico City, Mexico

I help to awaken people's inner potential, so they can have the life they want regardless of external circumstances. I've the firm conviction to contribute to a better world by giving people (individuals, couples, schools, companies, high performance sports teams, communities) the possibility to understand that the limit is their own mind (their thinking and belief system).

Areas of expertise
Coaching (one-to-one, couples, schools, companies, high performance sports teams, communities)

Help people to understand how human beings work and that from what we think (belief system) we create our life experience. I offer them an awakening of consciousness, empowerment and guidance to achieve what they want. These are the key benefits my clients receive: • Find the root of most of their problems to solve them. • Find the answers they are looking for. • New perspectives to have better relationships (couple, work, family, friends). • Different options and tools for: Facing any crisis and difficult moment (like the current one in COVID19). • Overcome stress, be more productive and get better results. • Make better decisions. • Overcome fears and insecurities. • Change bad habits and limiting beliefs. • Find (re)find themselves. • Live in abundance. • Overcome depressions and anxieties.