Jax Williams

Certified Coach, Author in Process, Life Motivator

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As a practicing psychologist and spiritual mentor for the past 12-years, Jax applies ancient wisdom to solve issues of the modern patient. This is accomplished through international retreats with fully-engaging workshops that restore and align the hear, body, and mind. Attendees commonly create success, fulfillment, and love while continuing to return to each retreat to learn more. Never before has it been more important for you to understand yourself, the energies at play in your life, and learn to utilize the tools that will align you with your desires to Rewrite your future NOW and create an Extraordinary Life!

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Jax Williams

Jax Williams has been a family counselor for nearly a decade. He graduated from Liberty University. He believes in the importance of coming together to discuss issues. Jax is an advocate of family vacations and outings as a way to create bonding experiences. As a source of many resources, his goal is to help individuals and families process emotions. Certification: ACC International Coaching Federation Coachville, LLC