J Blair Cano

Personal Development Coach/Peak Performance Coach

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Colorado Springs

As a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist, I have extensive knowledge and experience helping people move from where they are currently to where they want to go; whether that is psychologically, emotionally, interpersonally or with your career. Taking you to the next step!

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Dr. J. Blair Cano

Welcome! I am Dr. J. Blair Cano. I am a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist. My expertise is in helping people overcome traumas of all sorts and move into the growth phase of their lives. As a Navy veteran myself, I have worked entensively within the military and veteran population. I also work with people who are overwhelmed by their life circumstances and need guidance moving forward. Whatever the hurdle, I can help you to transform your life into something more satisfying. My academic profile includes a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology and two Master's degrees: Psychopharmacology & Clinical Psychology. I have experience working with children (2-12) and diagnosing developmental problems; adolescents (12-19) for a variety of reasons to include developmental issues, attachment disorders, trauma, sexuality; young adults (20-25) adjustment problems, identity formation; adults, military personnel (active duty, veterans, special operations) for a variety of issues such as PTSD, mTBI, injury recovery, adjustment, and enhanced performance; and geriatrics (end of life issues, dementias, depression/anxiety). I have numerous additional certifications and use a holistic and integrated approach utilizing Heart Rate Variability training and Neurofeedback combined with Cognitive Behavioral Techniques and Interpersonal Connectedness.