Katrina Johnson

Master Outing Coach

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As a powerful resilience coach and leader, Katrina works specifically with teens and highly-successful women to overcome the challenges of meeting expectations, fixing situations, and avoid confrontation. These all come with a tremendous amount of stress and as a certified professional in conscious uncoupling and parenting, she can find the best solutions for those who need motivation coaches in their lives. Katrina is an inspirational and international speaker and author. Prior to launching her coaching business, she spent nearly two decades in television.

Areas of expertise
Certified Lifestyle Coach

I’m here to empower and strengthen you so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted to live. Health and wellness are such a big part of the picture, and by reconnecting with your body and feeding your soul, you can manage stress better and learn more about who you are as a person. Through yoga and life coaching, I’ll show you how to be more intentional with all that you do. I graduated from a yoga instruction school, YogaFIT, in Texas and now provide online training and coaching. Certification: PhD, MSW, MeD, LCSW, Certified Coach