Lina Safady

Certified coach, licensed therapist, author, speaker

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Lina Safady, Ph.D., is a Licensed Therapist who has 16+ years of professional experience. She helps individuals to overcome their personal challenges and find peace. As a personal coach and therapist, licensed in the state of Florida, Lina is regularly involved with helping people to navigate their career field to figure out “what’s next.” She holds a master’s degree from Florida State University, and she finds that a lot of people have unique skills but don’t know where they will fit in. Whether a person has just graduated from college or is simply looking to change the industry they work in, she can help them with the navigational aspects. With her help, you can look forward to more direction. Certification: Ph.D Associate Degree in Psychology Licensed Therapist

Areas of expertise
Leadership Coaching

Lina Safady spends most of her days arranging events and retreats to help employees come together. Linda has seen how companies are more successful when employees get along and can work together in teams. As such, she uses her experience as a leadership coach and motivational speaker to ensure that companies get what they need to bring employees together. She is also a graduate of MIT and has an extensive engineering background.