'Freedom from.." Consulting

TIred of not getting to having pain gone? Tried different routes and still nothing has changed? Well, many of Lusmila's clients have had the same experience and are now free from their pain. Her consultations have worked when all other avenues to have failed. Lusmila is able, just through listening to your story and asking some specific questions, will conclude what is needed to get you on the path to health. She may recommend other outside practitioners as part as your healing plan. She will use nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, exercises to correct posture and homeostasis. Lusmila has had a 90% success rate in helping clients be freed from chronic pain conditions. She has either done it hands on, or has just been the guide that leads them on the right path for healing and freedom. She knows the exact things you need in order to release and remove pain, poor dietary and health habits, posture, and more. Go to her facebook page and check out her reviews. contact her with any questions you may have.

Lusmila McColl

Glasgow, Scotland

Rate: $2.00/minute