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Do you feel stuck and unable to get past something in your life? Is your life not going as you planned? Making decisions and choices when you are going through a tough time is hard enough on your own. Good listener helping to choose best path for life issues. PhD in Psychology, MA in Marriage & Family Counseling, and BS In Religion.

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iAdvising - Mack B. Rhoades, Jr., PhD

We all experience times when we do not think our lives are going as we planned. Having a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling makes me uniquely suited to provide critical insight that can support setting goals, help with personal growth, and determine behavioral changes that you can make to help you experience a more joyful and fulfilling life. It is easy to stay stuck in a rut or let ourselves stay in unhappy situations and allow ourselves to give up on our dreams when the realities of life overwhelm us. Humans are creatures of habit because it provides comfort and stability. It is easier to complain about our lot in life rather than make changes because change is never easy, but you can take small concrete steps toward making changes. I can help you in a number of ways, including the opportunity to explore yourself and/or your relationship with others in a safe, nonjudgmental interaction. This can bring greater awareness about you, your thoughts, feelings, and actions about certain situations that can help identify common problem areas where many peoples’ thinking and behavior holds them back from achieving their goals and living a happy life. This will help to recognize your overall tendencies and problem areas to determine the focus of your plan for change. It can also be used to gain clarity about one or more specific problem areas you already know need to be addressed.