Melanie Porter

I offer a wide range of mindfulness coaching and holistic healing therapies. I handpick each treatment and purposefully tailor it to suit your individual needs, ensuring a genuinely bespoke one-on-one holistic healing experience that will help transform your life for the better. The types of holistic healing therapies I utilize are tried-and-tested, each one designed to offer a personalized journey of discovery. The mindfulness coaching and holistic healing therapies you will receive will depend on your health and wellness, and what you wish to achieve. So, whether you want to combat depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or perhaps feelings of lack of worthiness, you will enjoy a truly bespoke set of holistic healing therapies. Yoga, Pilates, Breath Work, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, Zen meditation, Ho'oponopono, NLP, Relationship Counseling, Trauma Healing, and more..

Melanie Porter


Rate: $3.33/minute