Naomi Carter

Self Care Relationship Coach

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I am an intuitive, seasoned ten-year life coach. Within my repertoire, I possess marriage counseling, mentoring in multiple areas, and divine guidance. I am a Seer Prophetess who is gifted in the Word of Knowledge, prophecy, healing, and foresight. If you need to express yourself and desire direction, I am a perceptible great listener who is capable of assisting individuals in progressing to the next level in life.

Areas of expertise
Do you know who are you? Are you confused about your identity?

Are you confused about the person you are? Do you feel there's another side to your personality? Have you experience trauma in your life and somehow another side of you developed in order to help deal with the truth and pain of the experience? Are you seeking a way out? Do you seek to understand why you are the way you are? Let's talk you will discover some many people deal with disassociation and find themselves in a place of seclusion hiding from the truth within, mainly because of shame and being afraid of rejection. It's ok let's have an open conversation the depths will shock you. Call now


Spiritual/Prophetic Coaching

Are you lost spiritually? Are you seeking your divine purpose or high calling? Are you gifted and don't know what it all means? Do you have dreams that come to life? Do you have premonitions? Do you think of something and it happens? Do you see spirits? Have you had some supernatural things happen and you need someone to talk to about them? Do you believe in a Higher Power? Do you want to know more about the plan of life after death? How deep do you wanna go?Do you want to know what the Creator is saying about you? Let's talk! The knowledge I possess will blow your mind


Personal/Personality Developmental Coaching

You may be wondering what involved with a personality coaching? Okay, I have a few questions, do you know who you are? I mean really know deep inside? Do you know what you are capable of or not? Are you able to look yourself in the mirror and say I love you? Are you upset, then emotional, and then sensitive? Are you always upset when people don't do things your way? So now you understand. I want to help you understand YOU and all the wonderful qualities that make you the person you are. I've come up with ways to help you discover how to tap into the greatness on the inside. Aren't you tired of the circles in life? Repeating the same lessons? Call me let's talk!


Marriage/Relationship Coaching

Learn the tools you need to have a loving and successful marriage. Develop the inner skills you need to endure the 4 seasons of marriage, deepen intimacy, learn your spouse's love language in order to understand what your partner desires deep within. It's not easy, but worth every moment you put into captivating the type of relationship you desire. Marriage isn't without its tests, trials, pain, and growth. Let's discuss what's needed to have a marriage made in heaven here on earth.


Self/Care Love Coaching

Coaching for women on a healing journey. Seeking to empower, motivate, and uplift you while working on skills, and tools to download into your core that will help you focus on what you need to do in order to feel good about yourself. How you can discover what's holding you back from becoming a better you. Sometimes were are in our own way, sometimes we keep the things we need away from us simply because we believe we don't deserve to be happy, and free of the words and opinions of others. Do you take the time out to care for you? or are you too busy caring for others? You need to know you are special too. Call me, let me encourage you. Allow me the ability to speak healing into your life. One call will change the course of your life. If it doesn't the 2nd call is on me.