Conscious Parenting

Parents are the ultimate influencers, not just in the lives of their child(ren) but on the future of our societies. Sadly, today there is an incredible shortage of awareness of and intention for an impact that will extend for generations. Parents are in a powerful position to 'architect' the minds of their child(ren). Whether realized or not, a child's mind is shaped from the get-go by the impressions, perspectives, and meanings a parent ascribes to the life happening around and to their child. When this becomes a conscious and intentional undertaking, parents influence confidence over powerlessness, critical thinking over mindlessness, courage over spinelessness, contentment over entitlement, and many other attributes of strength. Such attributes equip them to walk through life full of peace and hope, shaping their world and relationships for good. In this training, we will unpack the role of parent as a coach, acquire basic coaching skills, understand brain science and how interactions with our child(ren) have a lasting impact on their emotions, behaviors, and decisions, and apply these skills and understanding to practical situations. You will be equipped to have the greatest impact on your child(ren) through intentional interactions, impacting the next generation through their lives.

Patricia Exman

Fort Worth, Texas

Rate: $5.50/minute