Leader as Coach

Leaders are in positions of influence in our world. We may recognize them by the titles they have or the positions they hold, but numerous leaders are hidden in the background, quietly and steadily influencing the organizations they are in behind the scenes. 'Leader' is not a title or position. A leader is an effective influencer, regardless of what role they find themselves in. In reality, everyone has an influence on someone. Sadly, today there is an incredible shortage of awareness of and intention for an influence that will extend for generations. Gaining a leadership mindset positions you as the influencer you are meant to be in every area and at every stage of your life. In this training, we will unpack the role of leader as a coach, acquire basic coaching skills, understand brain science and how interactions with others have a lasting impact on whether our relationships and organizations thrive. You will be equipped to have the greatest personal and leadership effectiveness in every setting you find yourself in.

Patricia Exman

Fort Worth, Texas

Rate: $5.50/minute