Find Your Path

Whose life are you living? Is it yours, or are you lost in a maze of catering to the demands and expectations of others? There is a promise inside every person. Some refer to it as “calling” or “destiny.” Regardless of the label, it is the significant impact you were designed to have on this world—the legacy you are to leave. Do you know what it is? The possibilities truly are endless. Nonetheless, many people are unable to see more than one option in most situations. When there is no choice, you feel powerless and move through life reacting to what appears in front of you in the only way you know how. Expanding awareness of possibilities creates options and restores the power of choice so you can walk confidently through life knowing you are responsible for the direction you are heading. Path Coaching expands that awareness, focuses on defining a personal, passionate mission and vision for your life, and creates movement for that next best step on your Path.

Patricia Exman

Fort Worth, Texas

Rate: $5.50/minute