Career Coaching

My career coaching service is much more than helping you with your next job search but it is not life coaching: its Career Transition Coaching. The goal of career transition coaching service is to help you find the right job at the right company both now and in the future. The right role for you will offer you the responsibilities and challenges best suited for your personality and for the skills you currently possess and reward you with the most generous salary for the value you create. Two of the most important elements in the career transition coaching service I offer are career planning and career management. To find the right role for you at the right company, I use the “Discover Vision Action” approach. DISCOVER In the discovery phase of my programme, I help you to remember who you are again – your core value and values, your skills, what motivates you, what satisfies you, and what makes you tick. VISION With a better knowledge of who you are, you’re now much more aware of the possibilities for your professional future. During the “vision” phase, we explore the career possibilities open to you best matched to your current skill set and to your future professional career path. You will genuinely be inspired when you fully realise the potential you have and how many career options are actually open to you. ACTION When you have decided on the path which is right for you, your career transition programme enters the “action” phase – the most time-consuming and challenging of all the phases but ultimately the most rewarding. Your “action” plan is both external and internal. Externally, we identify the roles and the companies where you are most likely to feel fulfilled professionally and where you will be free to develop yourself further. Internally, we work on the blocks and the attitudes which, consciously and subconsciously, are and have been holding you back and we overcome them one by one. Major blocks we address for many clients include how to search strategically for roles which fit their criteria, creation of covering letters, resume optimisation, preparing for interview, and more.

Richard Bunkham


Rate: $2.75/minute