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Personal and Spiritual Empowerment Coach

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An expert that has over 20 years of experience in the field of helping people grow and get out of getting their own way. 5 star rated on other platforms! My passions include assisting people to become the very best version of themselves. A body, mind and spirit balance will lead to an amazing life.

Areas of expertise
Spiritual Development Coaching: Men and Women Welcome

This is one of the most amazing things that someone can go through in their life. Being stuck in one thing or multiple things in your life and actually finding a place/person that is able to assist you on shifting your life to where it needs to be. Your desired life is closer than you may think, but the road can be treacherous and tough before good things come to you. You may only have one thing to work on that brings about change and balance to many aspects of your life! Either way, this is not just one session and your are done. This is a process that is completed over time. You are the only one that says that it is time to do things on your own. I am only here to guide you into the direction(s) (the door), but you are the only one that can walk through it and walk your chosen path. These are done over video call only, while swift talk sessions can be done in between if you are in need of help in any way. Video calls are done over Skype, Zoom Meetings, Google Hangouts or FB Messenger Video Chat. Absolutely no refunds of any kind for any reason. Subjects we will be going over during the session. 1. Challenges in your life and what you desired outcome is. 2. What Experiences you have had and what you can do with what you have been through. 3. Modalities and Practices that you can use frequently to help you along your path. 4. Helpful tips and hints on coping with what is going on with you and how to transition into a more balanced and fluid lifestyle, and so much more! ***Disclaimer: All sales are final. You have the option to choose the day(s) that are good for you and I can schedule them with you, or you can get a link from me to do that very same thing when it is convenient for you. You do not have the option for same day appts with the second option though. There is a $25 fee incurred if you cancel any appts, show up late, no show or do not confirm your appt at least an hour before your appt time. You have up to an hour beforehand to reschedule your appt too. You have 2 options. 1. You can pay the fee right away and still do your appt at the time chosen time that day, or 2. Pay the fee and reschedule your appt at another time. You also have the option of doing this monthly, so can discuss that during your first session afterwards if need be. I look very much forward to working with you and helping you along your path in life! I am grateful and honored to be chosen to work with you on what is some of the most sensitive and pressing things in your life. Be blessed. Love and light! Namaste' - Raven


Tarot/Oracle, Psychic and Intuitive Readings by Video

This is exactly what it says in the description. I provide you with clarity on life subjects, guidance on what to do or what is happening next in your life, or messages from the higher powers that be or the loved ones passed away in your life. Subjects that I don't do are: - Lottery numbers or winnings - Pregnancy Subjects - Legal Matters or Court Cases - Business or Financial Investments - Health Cases *************************************** Subjects I do that are not legal in Nature: - Love -Career and Jobs - Spiritual Pathways - Life's Purpose and Soul Missions - What direction are you going or should go? - What is coming up in life and what you should be aware of? ***Specific Questions in the session and engaging is recommended for the experience to go well.


Personal Life Coaching

This particular type of session is for those who wish to begin to work diligently on their personal life. This could be anything from relationships to career/work to changing your life entirely and making a new pathway towards you becoming the very best version of yourself. These, as well as other types of those sessions are not for the faint at heart. Only serious people that want to make serious changes in their lives should I recommend this for. Usually done over video call via Skype, Zoom Meetings, Google Hangouts or FB Messenger Video Chat. This type of service may call for more than one session, and that is why the pricing is as it is. That number represents that ending of something old and the beginning of something new in your life to move forward with. I appreciate your time, effort, support and business in assisting me to reach more people to help with what I have been taught. Blessings of light and light to you and yours! Namaste'