Virgil Miller Sr

Mental Health & Relationship Counselor

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Wichita, KS

I am a Masters’ Level Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist with experience treating clients from a broad spectrum of society in a wide range of situations and circumstances from a children’s psychiatric hospital to a maximum security state prison. Much of my experience is in assessment and referral for appropriate treatments as well as providing treatment using a variety of trauma-informed techniques. Many people don’t understand that Marriage and Family Therapy is not limited to problems in living that affect families and relationships, but is a form of therapy that sees individuals as members of larger psychosocial environments that mutually influence one another for better or worse. Anger, fear, and sadness as well as vivid thoughts and feelings that are not readily apparent to others all can be made better with the right approach to treatment. The father of intelligence testing, Jean Piaget, defined intelligence as the ability to thrive in one’s environment. To help clients regain the piece that allows them to thrive in their environment is my goal

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Virgil Miller

It's about thinking, feeling, and doing. How we think and how we feel control one another, and both control our actions, or what we do. Different ways of understanding things that happen generate different responses to those things and different responses are what change is all about