Will Demps

Life Advisor

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Richmond, Va

I'm a worldly Combat Veteran with a wide and diverse background. From cooking tricks to heavy relationship issues, I can provide grounded insight to your problems or questions. Reiki Master Certified!

Areas of expertise
Freedom is Divisive

"No Man is an Island." It's easy if not socially promoted on how independent we are or should be. But we are always within our relationships. Our happiness and sadness reflects our relationships. Never mind the court system, the past scars, our future desires and more. Things carry weight and debt goes a long way. Are you looking to make your marriage better or perhaps as best it can to be settled in a civil fashion? Relationships require so many wide sources of energy. And no one likes to waste time or resources on a failed relationship. Call me if you're looking for relationship advice. While blood may be thicker than water, it is still a poor story to treat yourself harshly.


You can Win at Life!

"We often have to take different highways than what GPS told us to get to our destination." Everyone needs an esteem boost. Positive motivation and inspiration goes a long way. I won't promise you'll be a millionaire, but I can promise you are deserving to be happy and fulfilled. Your life is a blessing and it would be a shame to live in a self destructive way. The experience of recovery is always a journey. If you're looking for a motivational pick me up booster shot, give me call. You'd be surprised how many easy ways there are to fry fried chicken. Sometimes we find our own controlling ways and ego driven expectation of failure that truly sabotages us.


Mind, Body and Soul

"Real life is not a dream." Life has lots of issues. There are so many intricate factors contributing to a person's well being. Some need to be told to check for diabetes. Others need to be given the inspiration to try their own home cooking. Does your inner child need to play responsibly with great direction to where it's phenomenal to express it? Real life is a very fun place full of so many great life experiences. Reach out to me if you're looking where to spice up your life!


"It's All About Sex"

"How a person relates to sex rules their life." Mary Miller. Have a question about sex from performance, expectation with how things "click?" I've met all kinds of people, regardless of race and creed with startling revelations that people should hear if they are willing to learn it. There are deeper things outside of sexual orientation, even to sexual addiction. In the age of abusive pronouns, hook up culture and non committal relationships, I can certainly provide insight on deeper issues needing resolution.


Leadership and Mentorship

There are lots of ways in talking to people. Especially when finding out what motivates or devalues others self esteem. Tough love can go a long way with intimate conversations able to reveal all sorts of inner workings. If you're looking for wisdom on dealing with others with backgrounds different from yours, come hear what I have to say!